About Hsipaw

Hsipaw is a charming small town situated on the Dotthawaddy River in the Shan plateau about 1500 feet about sea level. Formerly it was one of the Shan princedoms ruled by the Shan Saobwa or Tai Saopa. Wide Spreading rain trees provide a canopy of shade along the busy main streets lined with family owned shops, lively markets, and restaurants. The town’s population is approximately 30,000 with the majority belonging to the Shan tribe. The remaining minorities are the Myanmar, Palaung, Lisu, Kachin, Kayin, Indian, and Chinese. The people are religious, kind, and generous.

Hsipaw is an agricultural centre with the surrounding countryside planted with seasonal crops like oranges, peaches, mandarins, pineapple, papaya, and watermelon. Along the Dotthawaddy River unspoilt Shan villages grow a wide variety of vegetables like rice, corn, banana, cauliflower, mustard, broad beans, carrots, Salad, sesame, eggplant, and kalian, watermelon, orange, mandarin, lemon. Further afield the Palaung tribe produces the finest tea in the country.

Mr. Charles Hotel

The highlight and essential base for any visit to Hsipaw and the surrounding area is to stay at Mr. Charles Guest House and Hotel. Mr. Charles was born in Namkham near Muse, a Shan town close to the border of China. Educated at a missionary school in Maymo, he was given his Christian name, Charles. Although his parents started a tea broking business in the 1950s, Charles decided to enter the hospitality industry in 1995 when he built a small guesthouse of six rooms to coincide with “Visit Myanmar Year”. Over the next 18 years, Mr. Charles expanded the 40 rooms; adding a small restaurant. His entire family manages the properties to ensure the highest personal service.

The hotel will arrange guided treks and day treks and provide maps and information for self guided sightseeing options. There are fascinating excursions to the nearby villages not yet touched by westernization. Boat trips down the Dotthawaddy River introduce the visitor to the traditional architecture, religion, and way of life for the various ethnic groups. The region is blessed with valleys and hills, ideal for treks, hikes, and cycling excursions. The Nine-Buddha Hill, also know as sunset hill, provides an unmissable- panoramic view of Hsipaw town at evening time.